Easiest Way to Travel from New Zealand to Canada and the USA


A trip that provides a fascinating blend of adventure, culture, and varied landscapes is one that goes from New Zealand to Canada and the United States. Although it can seem like a long way to travel, there are more ways than ever before to make this trip accessible thanks to current transportation choices. We’ll discuss the simplest and most practical ways to start this journey across the country in this post.

Air travel is the quickest and most often used alternative

Unquestionably, the fastest and most common way to travel between New Zealand and Canada and the USA is by air. New Zealand’s major airports, including Auckland International Airport, Wellington International Airport, and Christchurch International Airport, provide a variety of services.

a. Direct Flights:

The simplest method to get to Canada or the United States is to fly directly there from one of New Zealand’s main airports. There are several airlines that run non-stop flights between New Zealand and various destinations in Canada and the USA, including Air New Zealand and American Airlines. Direct flights are the favored option for passengers searching for convenience because they save you time and the aggravation of layovers.

b. Connecting Flights:
  • If you’re flexible with your travel plans or looking for more affordable options, you can consider connecting flights. These flights usually involve a layover at an international hub like Los Angeles International Airport, Vancouver International Airport, or San Francisco International Airport.
  • While connecting flights may take longer due to layovers, they can be more budget-friendly, and they allow you to explore a new city during your stopover.

Visa Requirements

Before booking your flights, it’s crucial to understand the visa requirements for both Canada and the USA.

a. Canada:
  • Travelers from New Zealand may be eligible for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) when visiting Canada by air. However, it’s essential to check the most up-to-date visa requirements on the official website of the Government of Canada or consult the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate.
  • If you plan to stay in Canada for an extended period or for purposes
  • other than tourism, you may need to apply for a specific visa, such as a work visa or study permit.
b. USA:
  • Traveling to the USA typically requires obtaining a visa. The most common types of visas for tourists are the B-1 (business) and B-2 (tourism) visas. To apply for a US visa, you’ll need to schedule an appointment at the nearest US embassy or consulate and follow their application process.
  • It’s essential to plan your trip well in advance to allow time for visa processing. Ensure that your visa is valid for the duration of your stay in the USA.

Accommodation and Transportation within Canada and the USA

Once you’ve reached your destination in Canada or the USA, it’s crucial to plan your accommodation and transportation within the country.

a. Accommodation:
  • Both Canada and the USA offer a wide range of accommodation options to suit various budgets. You can choose from luxury hotels, budget-friendly motels, vacation rentals, hostels, and even camping sites.
  • Booking your accommodation in advance is advisable, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure availability and secure the best deals.
b. Transportation within Canada:
  • In Canada, you can explore the vast landscapes through various modes of transportation. Domestic flights are common for covering long distances, while cities have well-developed public transportation systems, including buses and trains.
  • If you plan to explore remote areas or national parks, renting a car may be the most convenient option.
c. Transportation within the USA:
  • The USA has an extensive transportation network, making it relatively easy to get around. Major cities have efficient public transportation systems, including subways, buses, and trams.
  • For longer journeys, consider renting a car or using domestic flights. The USA’s highway system is well-developed, making road trips a popular choice for exploring the country.

Currency and Banking

When traveling to Canada and the USA, it’s important to be aware of the local currencies and banking facilities.

a. Currency:
  • In Canada, the currency is the Canadian Dollar (CAD), while in the USA, it’s the United States Dollar (USD). It’s advisable to carry some local currency for small expenses, but credit cards are widely accepted in both countries.
b. Banking Facilities:
  • ATMs are readily available throughout Canada and the USA, making it easy to withdraw cash as needed. However, be aware of potential withdrawal fees and currency conversion charges.
  • Inform your bank of your travel plans to prevent any issues with your credit or debit cards while abroad.

Language and Cultural Considerations

Both Canada and the USA are culturally diverse countries with English as the primary language. However, it’s important to be aware of regional accents and cultural nuances that may vary from one region to another.

a. Language:
  • English is the official language in both countries, but French is also widely spoken in some parts of Canada, particularly in Quebec.
  • Learning a few basic phrases or greetings in the local language can enhance your travel experience and help you connect with locals.
b. Cultural Considerations:
  • Canada and the USA have rich cultural histories influenced by various immigrant groups. Respect for cultural diversity and different customs is essential when traveling.
  • Tipping is customary in restaurants and for services in both countries. It’s customary to tip around 15-20% of the bill in restaurants.

In summary, there are several options for exploration and adventure when traveling from New Zealand to Canada and the United States. Your trip may be seamless and delightful because of the ease of direct flights, the abundance of lodging alternatives, and the well-established transportation networks within both nations. Plan beforehand, confirm visa requirements, and enjoy the various cultures and scenery that your travelling will bring you. Canada and the USA have something to offer any traveler, whether they are looking for breathtaking natural sights, exciting cities, or unique cultural experiences.

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